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Welcome to Wheels 4 Working
Keeping Working People Working
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Help a Family in Need Today!

Wheels 4 Working is here to help " keep working people working. " What does this mean exactly? Through donations from individuals, business owners, companies, communities, and the like we are able to help those in need of transportation, specifically for work. For the average worker in Alabama, jobs are slim and we must hold on to our livlihood. How many families do you know that are only a brake job away from losing it all? That is why, we formed our organization.


Working & Non-working Vehicles

We accept both working and non-working vehicles! We can repair these donations or use them for parts in order to help a family in need to get to their jobs!

Running vehicles - 256-319-7871

All others - 800-322-8284

Financial Contributions

Maybe you have neither a working or non-working vehicle, but you would still like to donate to our organization. We accept any monetary donation that you are willing to make!

Tax deductible cash donations may be mailed to the following address:

     SVDP Huntsville Council

     1698 Longleaf Drive

     Huntsville, AL 35806

      Place Wheels 4 Working in the memo line of the check.

Donations via credit card can be made using Paypal:

Donate Today!

What happens to the donations received?

Common vehicle repairs to some can only be another errand of life, but to others it may be the breaking point of losing it all.

When the working people are struggling to get by, it may seem impossible to maintain their vehicle let alone repair it. We help the working community with a hand up but not a hand out.

We want you to know where your hard earned money is being spent! Vehicle repairs can escalate to thousands of dollars in some cases. We pay a percentage of the cost in order to get our clients on their feet again. But in order to do that, we need donations for our organization.


Whether you donate a vehicle or monetary, you will recieve a tax deductible receipt for donating to our organization! Please help us keep working people working!

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